Title: The Political Landscape of Pakistan: Imran Khan and the Army’s Influence

Jan 22, 2024 | 0 comments

Title: The Political Landscape of Pakistan: Imran Khan and the Army’s Influence

In the current political scenario of Pakistan, it seems increasingly unlikely that Imran Khan will return as the next Prime Minister. The Pakistani Military, a pivotal force in the nation’s politics, appears to have thrown its weight behind Nawaz Sharif. However, it’s anticipated that the government under Sharif would not hold a sweeping majority, with an estimated 10 to 20% of seats potentially going to Khan’s party, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf).

Despite this, a significant portion of the Pakistani populace continues to rally behind Imran Khan, especially following the recent crackdown on him and his party workers. This support has grown particularly after the Army’s actions, which many view as excessive. Reports of the military entering homes indiscriminately, disregarding the presence of women, and detaining individuals without due process have caused widespread concern. These actions are seen as part of a broader attempt to undermine Khan and his party, a departure from the Army’s traditional dealings with more compliant, often corrupt, politicians.

Khan, unlike his predecessors, has not backed down or left the country. His resistance has metaphorically entered the “trunk of the Army,” causing significant discomfort to this powerful institution. This situation mirrors the Army’s historical mistake in 1971, where it went against the will of the people and tried to enforce a government of its choosing. The same tactics used against Mujeeb Ur Rehman appear to be in play against Imran Khan.

Khan’s determination to stay and fight the political battle in Pakistan, rejecting the option to settle abroad, has been noteworthy. Even if Nawaz Sharif, often referred to as the “Ladla” or favored one, assumes power, Khan’s influence remains undeniable. He has managed to challenge the Army’s strongest support base in Punjab, exposing the lengths to which the military is willing to go to achieve its goals.

The ongoing situation in Pakistan is a complex interplay of military influence, political ambition, and public sentiment. If the Army does not alter its course, the next two decades could see significant changes in Pakistan’s political landscape, possibly driven by the will of the people.


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